Meth Lab 2

Clandestine drug labs are found throughout Indiana. They are found in homes, apartments, hotel and motel rooms, and mobile homes.

When they seize a drug lab, law enforcement agencies remove bulk chemicals and drug making equipment from the site. However, residual contamination often remains because the hazardous chemicals that are used when manufacturing these drugs can contaminate the property.

Without proper cleaning, the risk of exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals is likely. New occupants moving into former drug labs may be unaware of the contamination problem.

Illegal drug labs have become a growing problem in Indiana. In 1999, Indiana law enforcement agencies investigated 177 illegal drug labs. By 2012, that number rose to 1,663.

Hazards and Health Effects

Illegal drug labs are extremely hazardous to occupants and neighbors. Persons who manufacture illegal drugs use a wide variety of hazardous materials. These chemicals can be spilled or deposited on floors, walls ceilings and furniture. While it is being manufactured, methamphetamine vapor condenses inside the property and on household goods. This can cause a variety of health problems, especially for children.

Each state has rules and regulations on drug lab cleanups. The home must be properly cleaned prior to selling or reoccupying, provide a certificate and the persons cleaning must be qualified individuals. Let us at Decon Squad make your home or property safe again.